Mustering The Rout

Heading to an actual for realsies Tournament in June (ew competitive play). Not terribly excited about competitive format in general as I know Wolves are basically tied for the bottom of the barrel along with Grey Knights so far this edition and I largely refuse to run a “soup” army. All that said, I dont expect to show well win wise, BUT my army is going to look dope as fuuuuuuck.

First 3 of the 5 Characters for the list. Gotta get that “Company of Heroes” thing goin.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Jump Pack and Black Death

Battle Leader

Rune Priest on Jump Pack with Rune Axe


Wolf Priest on Jump Pack with… er… decapitated Daemonette?

WolfPriestGrey Hunter Pack1


Grey Hunter Pack2


Grey Hunter Pack3

GH3Wolf Scouts & Wolf Guard Scout Packleader

woofscoutbattleleaderwoofscoutswoofscoutwoofscout3woofscout2woofscout4woofscout5Wolf Lord, Totally not Harald

wolflord1wolflord2wolflord3Wolf Guard Battle Leader & Wolf Guard Murdercycle Squads. All dat wolfdakka!

wgbikerleadr1wgbikerleader2wgmurdercycles12wgmurdercycles11wgmurdercycles22wgmurdercycles21Eliminator Squad 1

Eliminators2Eliminator Squad 2


Inquisitor Munin (Grefax Countsas)



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