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Elysium Rises

Thinking through color palette for the Lions. I have one full assault squad built. It’s pretty bare bones, just a flamer and maybe Melta Bombs on the Sgt if I recall correctly. Anyhow, onto color palette. Base – Spray Retributor … Continue reading

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Celestial Lions

I have always liked the idea of a Celestial Lions force, from the time of reading the War for Armageddon page on them back in the day, they, along with the Exorcists were the two standouts of that campaign to … Continue reading

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Captains, Praetors and Heresy… Oh My!

So, I was goofing around the other day with one of the Masters of the Chapter kits, specifically the dude with the Thunder Hammer. I have always really liked that pose, but I knew I didn’t want to just do … Continue reading

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