Ho Ho Ho, now I have an… er… Ark Server?

Who wants to play Dino Riders?


So, yeah. After a year and a half of playing Ark on official servers. Scorched, Island and a very little bit of Ragnarok. I’ve got a dedicated server set up, hopefully I can populate it with victims… er friends and we can punch some dinos. I promise not to set fire to everything you love. Mostly. The goal here is to play with people, and mess with people and still actually play Ark, so none of the rates are going to be set to ridiculously high.

Trying to find a balance where you have to grind a sensible amount, while not having everything be completely throwaway. So if someone does murder everything you care about, it’s not prohibitively grindey to tame it back up and go get revenge. That said… people probably don’t need to be foundation wiping each other. That’s not a rule mind you, just. Try not to be too much of a dick I guess? PvP is fine, otherwise it wouldn’t be on, and if you’re going to be a troll or try to be “alpha” at least be good at it and do it with some style. 😀

There will be people/persons with the Admin password, that said, I have no interest in force spawning/taming things. If someone acts like a muppet and I need to log in as admin… well, it may very well turn into purge night.

How to find the server
Change the server list/dropdown to PC Unofficial (or whatever it is)
Search for “Gorilla Soup”

Discord Server

So, quick rules and highlights.

  • Ragnarok!!
  • No Transfers.
  • Dont make me smite you.
  • Tribes limited to 5 members & no Alliances. Improvise, adapt, overcome.
  • 2x XP – 4x Tame – 3x breeding all the way through – Boosted gather, I forget to what but it’s better while not being stupidly excessive. People on the server have ground up to lvl 60 ish over the course of 2 or so days of playing. I feel like that’s a reasonable rate.
  • Cave Flyers are allowed.
  • Cave damage mod is reduced. Im not saying how much, but it’s lower.
  • Crate drops are improved (in theory).
  • Turret Damage is boosted until the Stego glitch/meta gets sorted by Wildcard. Hasn’t been tested yet so if its out of whack post in Discord.
  • Platform Saddle & Raft slots are doubled. I like rafts. Will be researching how to keep Leeds from spawning because there will never be enough crap in the ocean to need them to play cleanup.
  • Server difficulty should be set to the same as Official, however for some reason wild dinos don’t seem to be spawning at the full level range. Trying to sort that out.
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