Lots of stuff going on, really cool pitches and project possibilities @ work so I’m pretty geeked about that.

The trip of the south island with the parents was a blast, I saw penguins!!! One attacked my stepdads leg, thinking of statting up a Dire Penguin for 4E, ooooh snap!

The sandbox has been derailed. I think Fantast Craft, while an awesome system is the wrong system for this particular group. I dont want to trash all the work I’ve done on the sandbox though, so over the holiday I think we will have a go of 4E with some of the regular players as well as Castles and Crusades. I’m leaning towards C&C because random encounters in 4E will be a freaking nightmare for me as a DM. Plus I can easily repurpose encounter tables and loot drops and items etc… Everything pre 3rd Edition DnD lives in my head in a much more accessible fashion than nearly any other game system.

Picked up an iPad and Battlemap, both of which I am incredibly pleased with Battlemap needs a bigger, more professional looking object/monster library, but beyond that its pretty damned slick. Between the app and a VGA connector I may not need my dungeon tiles or minis anymore. Like. Ever.

2 week holiday coming up, planning begining on some personal projects, getting rolling on some others.

Good stuff!

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