It’s January again…

I’ve been in New Zealand for 16 months or so now. Man that feels weird to say, seems like much shorter.

Anyhow… nerd stuff.

Finished Mass Effect 2, Fable 3 and RDR: Undead Nightmare over the holiday. I’ll go into greater detail on all of them elsewhere, suffice to say I really loved ME2 and the others were just kinda OK.

Been absorbing Castles and Crusades more. I still really dig it but there are some… issues. The Troll Lord boys could really do with a more professional Editor, there are lots of gaps in info and clarity and fluff mixed in with mechanics that just serve to be confusing at best and downright frustrating at worst. That said, for the time being C&C is probably my fantasy game of choice.

Working up the motivation to order actual print copies of the books. It’s going to cost me an extra 50 dollars US to get them shipped down here.. ugh, but it ought to be worth it to have actual physical copies. Until them the iPad will have to do.

Picked up a bunch of 2nd Ed. V:tM books at the used bookstore here. I probably dont need them, but seeing them made my inner nerd increddibly happy, 2nd ed is probably my favorite flavor of the WoD ruleset and I have a lot of really great gaming memories of it. That said… man the interior art (aside from Bradstreets work) was a bit shit in these books.

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