AnimFX was awesome

Spent thursday and friday at the Te Papa museum and Museum Hotel respectively for the AnimFX conference here in Wellington. I had a really good time, met some really awesome folks, jabbered about game stuff, attempted to do a bit of this “networking” thing that I’m quite shit at. I’d rather just chat with people and get to know them rather than add another business card to the pile or whatever… maybe I’m crazy.

Blood Drive reviews are coming in, we are getting a bit beat up, but I expected that. Plus I have to keep in mind that the vast majority of “Gaming Journalists” don’t actually know what the fuck they are talking about. Not that I’m being bitter. I know I have been a dick when giving my opinion on titles before, so I guess I can’t say much. At the end of the day I’m INCREDIBLY proud of the work the team did on the project and that’s all that really matters.

The kind words from David Jaffe didn’t hurt either, his opinion I respect greatly on the subject of anything regarding car combat. He’s probably right though, the game may be a wee bit on the difficult side. If we get to make a sequel that’s up at the top of the list.

Sandbox game has stalled a bit due to an internal conference week before last and then AnimFX this week. Plus I think the first player death kinda left a bad taste in the groups mouth, need to talk to the guys and see how they want to handle things, do they want to go forward what to change if anything etc… Thinking about picking up Gamma World today, maybe a 1 off of that would be a good break. Also getting to play in a Deathwach game this week which I’m incredibly geeked out about. Space Marines, FUCK YEAH!!

And finally, the Parents will be here in NZ for a visit around the end of the month, so that will be cool.

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