The end of the line

So the 4E group has decided that in lieu of finishing out the adventure they were on that they were good with just calling it so that we could get rolling on the Sandbox O DOOOOOM.  “Your adventuring party has died of Dysentary.” Yes, that’s an Oregon Trail reference.

I’m fine with that, the wrapup was really only going to be one or two short combat encoutners with a big boss battle + puzzle at the end and it makes it so that I dont have to split my attention on developing content for 2 games. Yay!

I have a sketch of the monster they were about to fight, I’ll scan it in this weekend and get it up on my Deviantart page. Spriggan Giantsoul with Gauntlets of Ogre Power, wuddup.

Sandbox planning is moving forward, the core group is thinking of character concepts and I’m building monsters.

Someone REALLY needs to rock together a functional NPC builder for Fantasy Craft. The web based + calculation app combo that exists is functional, and thats about it. Making baddies is giving me all kinds of ideas for encounters and killy things for the players to find.

I’m incredbly geeked out to run this thing, hopefully it lives up to my expectations in at least a small way.

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