The End Times.

I totally typed “The End Tims” the first time I wrote that subject line, now I’m thinking what the Four Horsemen would be like if they were all named Tim… Anyhow.

I started a 4E game back home in the states before moving here to Wellington, only got like 3-4 sessions in but I created a pretty large amount of campaign setting. It’s roughly based on various other campaign worlds I have used over the years. Obsidian Portal rocks for organization, and it has been a godsend to me as I am absolutely horrible at it generally when I run games.

When I got here some of the guys at work were just starting to get into DnD so I ended up running a game. I kept them in the same setting as the previous group, only with less homebrew stuff as I wanted their early experiences with the system to have the structure intended by the designers. For example, there are 2 divine characters in the NZ group, in the original setting from the game back home there were no gods in the world that made their presence known/felt, thus no Divine characters, also no Halflings, Dragonborn or Tieflings, at least not as playable races.

The 4E group has been going well, in spite of a several month layoff due to crunch time on our current project. We are wrapping that up soon and I think the group is looking forward to playing again, I know I am.

Just sat down tonight and rocked out a super neat environment with some dungeon tiles for their final battle, they have 2-3 encounters left in this story arc and then I think I will call a stopping point so that we can move on and get rolling with the sandbox game. Maybe one of the players will end up running some 4E, I wouldn’t mind playing a bit for a change. Pushing minis around is fun.

Need some supplies from the nerd store, then I’ll set up the environment and take some pics. I’m pretty geeked out to write the last few encounters up and run them.

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