Starting areas complete!

Or at least as complete as I think I need them until I get the players together, generate characters and the first group settles on a “flight plan”.

Ended up with 20 or so rumors and legends which may or may not be true to varying degrees and 5 very specific go here, do this type of quest hooks that are available from various people around the settlement. I figure that ought to be more than enough to get the players out there and looking around.

I’m really excited to play with the reputation and reknown systems in Fantasy Craft. I dig the concept and hopefully they will work as well as I see them playing out in my head. Also considering awarding extra action dice for players who write up adventure logs, dont know how much that would imbalance the game though, may wait on that a bit.

Still probably a month or so off, but I’m pretty excited about running. The recruitment drive shall begin soon, oh yes, it shall.

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