Raptors incoming!

So I have let my modeling ADD get the best of me again. I have an idea for a small, yes actually small Raptors force.

It will be as follows.

1 Librarian

1 Tactical Squad with Razorback
1 Scout Sniper Squad

 with a Land Speeder Storm

I also have bits for a 5 man tank hunter assault squad set out that may or may not get done in this initial push.

Comes out right at 500 points, so that should be fun to goof around with a bit. The tacticals, and probably most of the power armored infantry in the army going forward will be based off of Anvil Industries Black Ops kits, to give them a slightly non standard look and as seen above the scouts will all get helmets via the new IG Stormtrooper kits, because the non helmeted scouts look all kinds of goofy.

I have been thinking about how to do color scheme, since the stuff for the Raptors is kinda all over the place. So this is what I have come up with for the Color Bible.

Raptors Color Bible

Armor: Olive Drab.
Squad marking: Vertical stripe on the right shoulderpad.
Company marking: Lower plate of the right shoulderpad as a roman numeral.
Squad Leaders: Slate grey helmet stripe.
Sgt: Slate grey helmet.
Veteran Sgt’s & Veteran Marines: Slate grey helmet with stripe matching company color.
Librarium: Olive Drab armor with Librarian blue right shoulderpad. (maybe full right arm blue.)
Apothercarium: Olive Drab Armor with white helmet and narcethium. (Maybe white apotherary shoulderpad.)
Chaplain: Codex standard.

Squad colors

1st Squad: Black
2nd Squad: Blue
3rd Squad: Yellow
4th Squad: Red
5th Squad: Black with red bloodstripe
6th Squad: Black with blue bloodstripe
7th Squad: Black with yellow bloodstripe
8th Squad: Yellow with black bloodstripe
9th Squad: Yellow with blue bloodstripe
10th Squad: Yellow with red  bloodstripe

Some of the FW pics have various marines with a vertical black stripe on the torso of their armor, that may or may not get incorporated. With the Black Ops torsos there is a lot of kit on them so that might get lost and just being visual noise. We shall see.

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