Gaze upon it and DESPAIR!!!

I have been working on coming up with a way to *ahem*… encourage players to not end sessions in the wilderness and impress upon them that they NEED to return to the Alehouse (homebase) at the end of each adventure.

So far I haven’t really been enforcing it very strictly since we really only have 5 regular players so the group doesn’t change, however I’m in recruiting mode, so that’s going to have to change. Parties really do need to end the game in town, this also encourages players to handle all their in town tasks like shopping, recruiting henchmen, chasing rumors etc… ahead of time. I tend to like to have all of that out of the way before we sit down at the table, that way we maximize playtime and at the end of the day no one needs me to look up prices for them in the PHB, they are all big boys they can handle that themselves.

I had read a couple of references from Chicagowiz regarding Jeff Rient’s Triple Secret Random Dungeon Fate Chart of Very Probable Doom” in various blogs and decided to implement something similar in my game. After looking at Jeff’s chart however I felt it was a bit… harsh. I think my player’s heads would explode if I put them through his chart as it stands. I also liked the idea of giving characters lingering effects rather than just killing them outright. It will be interesting to see how many groups chance a roll on the table and how many keep playing with characters that keep getting injuries.

I wanted to make sure the chart did 2 things

  1. Reinforce that the wilderness is scary as hell and you don’t want to be out there without proper adult supervision, but not kill just kill people outright (all of the time)
  2. Make it clear to groups that they need to get back to the Alehouse/Fort at the end of each session.

So, I absconded with a few of his results that I liked and merged them in with another chart that holds a special place in my heart; The Mordheim Critical Injury D66 Table. I’m sure there are smarter people than me out there that can break down the probability of a D66 vs a D20 vs 43D4 or whatever, so I’m not going to bother going into all that, but I digress…

Along with rewriting some of the GW results to make more sense in the C&C environment and some stuff blatantly stolen from Jeff’s chart I think the pieces have suitably merged to form Voltron.

And thus I present…

The D66 Chart of “Get your ass back to town at the end of the session!”

11-15 DEAD

  • The Adventurer is dead and his body is abandoned beyond the borderlands, never to be found again. All the weapons and equipment he carried are lost.
  • Record his name and deeds in the Book of the Dead.


  • The Adventurer is not dead but has suffered a lot of wounds. Roll D6 times on this table. Re-roll any ‘Dead’, ‘Captured’ and further ‘Multiple Injuries’ results.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • The Adventurer’s leg is damaged. He suffers a -5’ to his Movement characteristic penalty from now on.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • Roll a D6
  • D6 Result
  • 1 Severe arm wound. The arm must be amputated. The Adventurer may only use a single one- handed weapon from now on.
  • 2-6 Light wound. The Adventurer is -1 to hit on all attack rolls for the next 2d6 weeks.
  • Return to the Alehouse.

24 MADNESS (Insanity rules can be found in the Freeport Companion)

  • Roll a D6
  • D6 Result
  • 1-3 The Adventurer suffers from a minor insanity.
  • 4-6 the Adventurer suffers from a major insanity.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • The Adventurer may not run any more but he may still charge. This also means that for purposes of travel rate the Adventurer may never “fast march”.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • The Adventurer has been badly wounded in the chest. He recovers but is weakened by the injury so his Constitution is reduced by -1.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • The Adventurer survives but loses the sight in one eye; randomly determine which. A character that loses an eye is -2 to hit with ranged attacks due to lack of depth perception.
  • If the Adventurer is subsequently blinded in his remaining good eye he must retire from adventuring.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • The Adventurer survives, but his wound will prevent him from fighting to his full potential.
  • Roll a D6 at the start of each day from now on
  • D6 Result
  • 1 all damage rolls are reduced by -4.
  • 2-6 No effect.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • The Adventurer’s nervous system has been damaged.
  • Any Initiative checks are permanently reduced by -2.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • The Adventurer’s hand is badly injured.
  • All attacks with a melee weapon are permanently reduced by -2.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • Held for ransom by seedy humans.
  • A member of the Thieves Guild can arrange release for 500gp per character level.
  • 1 in 6 chance the money disappears along with your Adventurer. Record his name and deeds in the Book of the Dead.


  • The Adventurer manages to survive, but all his weapons, armour and equipment are lost.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • The Adventurer has been knocked unconscious, or suffers a light wound from which he makes a full recovery.
  • However the Adventurer must roll for each item in their inventory.
  • % Die result
  • 1-50 The item is lost.
  • 51-100 The item is not lost.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • Roll a D6
  • D6 Result
  • 1-4 Escaping comrades know the area you are being held and the type of monster holding you.
  • 5 Comrades know the type of monster but not the location you are being held.
  • 6 Comrades just noticed you haven’t been around for a couple of days…


  • A Gorgon or somesuch creature has petrified you.
  • Roll a D6
  • D6 Result
  • 1-2 Surviving Adventurers know roughly where to search for your statue.
  • 3-6 You are a strange new birdbath/lawn ornament in the wilderness for someone to stumble across and wonder at someday. Record your name and deeds in the Book of the Dead.


  • The Adventurer survives and becomes inured to the horrors beyond the borderlands; +1d6 sanity points.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • -2 to charisma and the adventurer will force a morale check by any enemy he charges in combat.
  • Return to the Alehouse.


  • Pick one other character who got away safe, Roll a D6
  • D6 Result
  • 1-4 he takes your place and has to roll on this chart while you escape and return to the Alehouse.
  • 5-6 you both suffer the fate rolled by your victim.


  • The Adventurer survives and returns to the Alehouse. He gains +150 Experience.
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