Er… miniatures rather, possibly of said minions.

Spent some time this weekend doing some reorganization to my desk/workspace at my apartment so that I had light and space enough to get back to painting minis. I doubt I’ll use them for my C&C game, but I like painting and it feels like a waste just having them sit.

So I grabbed a handful that have been primed previously and have tasked myself with getting them painted over the course of the next month.

The list of usual suspects is as follows:

Reaper – Dwarf Thief
Reaper – Human Bandit/Ranger
Reaper – Elf Thief
Reaper – Human Fighter/Paladin (he looks churchey to me)
GW –  Witchhunter (not my paintjob, couldnt find a bare mini iamge anywhere…)
Wargods – Spartan guy
Reaper – Half Ogre

If by some miracle I get all of those done I have half a dozen Confrontation gorilla Orcs that are primed and ready to go, but for some reason I’m not all that excited about working on those. I suppese they are better than painting Night Goblins from GW though.

Started fleshing out dungeons and locations for el Sandboxo. I forgot how much fun it is to just goof around with maps on graph paper. After working up a couple of layouts I realized I was making the dungeons waaaay too massive, remembering a post from Ben Robbins on his Westmarches game about most of his dungeons only being 4 or 5 rooms I went and picked up the smallest graph paper Moleskine I could find which has helped a lot in keeping down the size of dungeon real estate.

Plus its super easy to carry around in my back pocket and when I have some free time I can sketch something up or throw notes about the dungeon into it. Organization ftw!!

Blog post forthcoming on encounter tables and such for the sandbox, just need to get the structure I’m using out of my head and down on paper and fit for public consumption.

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