Samurai Astartes

So, picked up some bits from Puppets War. Pretty pleased with them overall. Got shorted one shoulder pad which kinda sucks, but it’s really not worth having them ship one pad all the way from Poland. The helmets are awesome and the shoulder pads are pretty good, however they do NOT fit on regular Space Marine shoulders, there is filing of the SM arm needed as well as trimming the inside of the pads to make them actually set on the shoulders properly, not a big deal, just kind of annoying. The Katanas are only ok, they are honestly a bit flimsy, I’d like to see them bulk them up more like regular GW power swords. I have a second marine built out with a spear/naginata I’ll post the rest of the squad as I get them all built out.

Not  entirely sure what to do with them tbh, maybe use them as an allied unit here and there just for the sake of fielding a bunch of Space Marine Samurai.

4 complete. Sort of deciding what I want to do with the final guy who will likely be some kind of Sgt for the squad.

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