There and back again, A goat’s tale…

Goat sense tingling!!

So the first session went well, I didnt kill anyone on accident. I think I may need to adjust the TL of stuff a bit the fights were a bit easy. We will see.

Sorting through the ins and outs of the FC system, so far its pretty solid. I have some issues with the sheer ammount of crunch. I get that it’s a toolset, but personally I like stuff thats a bit less rules heavy.

Have some more monster creation and random encounter tables to work out based on where the next group is headed.

It’s strange, the players are being very diplomatic about how they choose groups currently, letting the people who missed out on the first session have first go at going out in the second one. The competition hasn’t kicked in yet. That’s probably because they really haven’t found anything to compete over yet. 🙂

Vitality is a bit meh as a mechanic imo, wounds work well, and attribute damage is just straight up mean. I love it.

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